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Day five was a wash.  Literately!!!  It was rainy when we woke up, rainy when we tore down or tents, rainy most of the first half of the ride for those who completed it.  I stoped at mile 7 of the 52 and hitched a ride with the owner of Cycle Works out of Lincoln, our trip bike support crew.  He had a trailer for repairs and equipment, so it was big enough to fit my trike in.  I did kind of feel bad about not riding the entire trip, but I’ve been strugglint with the hills on this trip and today was nothing but hills.  Figure it would have taken me 10 hours to finish, be one of the last ones in and as it was my 35th wedding anniversary, I thought I’d best just head on home and enjoy the rest of my day.

Sorry, no pictures today.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures this weekend, though, as I join others on a 245 mile round trip ride in central Nebraska on the how to purchase Pregabalin.

Today is my kind of mileage day, 50 miles from Verdigre to where can i buy Pregabalin.  Pierce is our largest city so far with a population of around 1700.  Pierce gained some international notoriety last summer due to the where to order Pregabalin online, at which nearly 500 classic cars were put up for sale.  Many had less than 10 miles on them.

It was a good ride, weather a tad bit cooler and I made sure I was well fueled and hydrated.  One of our first stops was a town called Winnetoon, full of these old 1800 style buildings.

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Our lunch stop for the day (great pulled pork sandwiches in the city park) was Plainview, where they filmed the recent movie Nebraska.  I thought they just wanted to be artsy and film it in black and white, but NO, the town really is all black and white.  😉  One of our riders was from Plainview, so chatting with him I got to hear his experiences with the film crew and the filming process.  Fascinating!

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Day 3 of our ride takes us from Crofton to buy cheap Pregabalin online, 42 miles or 62 miles (via Santee) for those who want to.  I opted for the 42.  Verdigre is the smallest town so far with a population under 600.  it’s also home of Kolach Days celebration.  Okay, I had to look that up on their website: Kolaches, a favorite Czech and Slovak dessert originating from Eastern Europe, are baked pastries of yeast dough with delicious fruit filling. Some fillings include prune, poppy seed, apricot, cherry, & cottage cheese.

This was not my best day.  I’m pretty sure I forgot my daily meds, got overheated, dehydrated and let my blood sugar drop too low.  This was our hotest day, in the mid 90’s, and no shade trees to be found anywhere along the last part of the ride.  When I got to town I ate some snacks, drank 48 ounces of water, parked my trike under the shade of a building and after an hour nap in the breeze, I awoke refreshed and ready to go.

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Here we are loading our bags into the truck as we do each morning. The truck then hauls and unloads our bags at the next town’s camping area.


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Cycle Works out of Lincoln, NE, was our official bike shop support and were always available for tire pumps, tubes, tune ups and repairs. Their staff were super friendly and always eager to help with anything.


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Pretty view of the marshy areas along the Niobrara river today.


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My view of the road from the reclined position on my recumbent trike. Rarely do we have such a nice shoulder to ride on, often we are out in the street.


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Designated lunch spot outside of Niobrara. I was hot and tired, not hungry, but in retrospect should have eaten something other than a granola bar. Did grab some ice cold water though.


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Just like 150 years ago, the bikes are attached to the hitch-in post.


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Just as I was calling it a night and crawling in my tent (only 9:00, but I was ready), I noticed these beautiful clouds up above.



Riding from Ponca to can you buy Pregabalin online, this is our longest day at 74 miles (but an option to do less than 50 which I took).  Crofton is a town of about 700 residents, but is very close to the boating/fishing vacation area of Gavins Point Dam, so I’m sure they see a rise in temporary population during the summer.  For most of the day today we followed the Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway.

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In the morning before we left we were warned that we needed to be past the Hwy 15 exit by 10:00 as they were going to reroute I-29 along our route because of flooding of the Missouri River.  I made it with less than an hour to spare.


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One of our stops was a church in Maskell, NE (Pop. 67). Some great sweets and treats inside.


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Saw this at the entrance of a property as we entered Maskell, NE.


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Saw this as I entered Obert, NE, just a few miles down the road. Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme here….


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Just thought this was a beautiful example of a country church, many of which we saw along the way.


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Gorgeous views today.


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My only criticism of the entire trip were the first three days roads. Every 15 feet was a crack in the road like this. Bikes could probably dodge them, but with the trike I hit every single one. It made going fast impossible and the ride very uncomfortable.


Today’s ride is our shortest day, 47 miles from Pender to Ponca, Nebraska.  Ponca is Nebraska’s fourth oldest town and was established in 1856.  It is named for the Ponca Indian tribe.  Population is around 900.  Ponca State Park, just two miles north of the city, is where we will be camping for the night.

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One of our first towns of the day, Emerson, NE. Always great the way the locals come out and provide food, water and big smiles.


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The storm path and debris after Pilger was hit.  And this is dozens of miles north of Pilger.


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As I rode up I thought this was a boy with his dog. No! It was a one month old calf. Cutest thing, real curious, actually reminded me of a puppy.


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In Ponca State Park, our overnight town, we were awakened by massive thunder and lightening, none of which was hitting the ground but made for a spectacular display of light and color.


Today is our meet up day in Pender, Nebraska, with our ride start tomorrow.  Pender is 100 miles north of Omaha and is a beautiful small town of around 1,000 residents (it has consistently averaged that population for the last century).  The local paper has done a wonderful little buy Pregabalin tablets onlineof the town, much better than I can show here.

As we have to be all packed up and ready to go by the 6:30 meeting tomorrow morning, I decided to arrive the day before and take advantage of the optional nights sleep in the city school.  Should be interesting, dozens of folks all sprawled out sleeping and snoring.  My only fear with using earplugs is I won’t wake up in time.

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My camping spot inside one of the gyms. They even let me bring my bike in so it would not be cold and lonely outside.


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You can really see the school pride in these small towns. They had a dozen of these benches outside the school.


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The outdoor campers tonight in the very nice city park at Pender.

I’ve been planning and looking forward to going on Tour de Nebraska for about six months, but it did not happen.  I’m still having shifter problems with my bike (not as bad as on BRAN though), but I also was a little under the weather the days before the ride.  I’m hardly ever sick so I took heed, followed my instincts and stayed home.  The weather has been so bad the last couple of weeks, pollen counts exceptionally high and pressure systems are haywire.  I would not be enjoying myself on this ride I now see.

Maybe next year.

Today I signed up for Tour de Nebraska, a well established group ride here in Nebraska that accepts just a little over 200 riders.  The ride is a circle ride starting and ending this year at Syracuse, Nebraska (see full route below).  This ride is between my two week long rides in June and July that are nearly 500 miles each and will be a nice change of pace from those long grueling days.  Also, I read in their brochure that one can sleep in the gym of the school we stay near, rain or shine.  That is quite tempting some nights as on the week long rides I do, it’s camping outside rain or shine, storm or blistering heat.  Breakfast and dinner is also provided in the price of the trip making this more and more like a cruise than a bike ride!!!  I love it!  Can’t wait to see new countryside, meet new friends and of course, journal about my trip here on my blog.  Lots more pictures this year, I promise!

I had been trying to find additional rides this year, but was getting discouraged as most had a starting point over 500 miles from home or were too close to my other two rides  This one starts less than 60 miles from my house and I can leave my vehicle there for the ride home.  Actually, my location is quite good for my two distance rides as well, as the buses for BRAN and my RAGBRAI charter (Lost and Found Adventures) are less than 10 miles from home.

Tour de Nebraska Route:

Wednesday (June 22) Syracuse-Brownville 60 miles Thursday (June 23) Brownville-Pawnee City 65 miles Friday (June 24) Pawnee City-Fairbury 70 miles Saturday (June 25) Fairbury-Wilber 51 miles Sunday (June 26) Wilber-Syracuse 60 miles ESTIMATED TOTAL: 306 MILES