Anticipating cooler, wetter weather for my bike ride across Nebraska (BRAN), I’ve been searching for and researching the appropriate recumbent rain gear. My previous rain jacket, which I bought at Sports Authority, was not designed for biking and although it did do a great job of not letting water in, I perspired so much during exertion that I was nearly as wet inside as out.  From what I have read on forums and reviews, one needs the jacket to be lightweight, breathable, waterproof and wind resistant as well. Most of these types of jackets are well over $100, but I think I found one by O2 for a fraction of that.  It’s the Rainshield O2 cycling rain jacket.

Last year on BRAN I chose not to wear any rain gear below the belt, but quickly found out on a long wet ride that is not a pleasant option.  Talk about chaffing! I have a pair of long rain pants, again not for cycling, and have never used them but fear they are going to be way too hot as they are not breathable.  This year I’m going to try some breathable waterproof biking shorts I found at Pro Bike Kit (In the UK of all places, but free shipping) .  The only downfall with shorts for a recumbent rider is that your leg openings are parallel to the road or higher, so rain will naturally fly into the openings.  These shorts, however, are just slightly baggy and extend down a couple inches below the knees.  They also have Velcro to keep the leg portions tight.   These are not padded bike shorts, but that’s okay as I wear a Andiamo thinly padded bike short liner under all my shorts.  Half the price of normal recumbent bike shorts and you can wear any type shorts over top.

And finally found a longer style helmet rain cover from J&G Cyclewear that would fit my helmet with the visor on front. I really like this helmet cover as it is bright yellow, has reflective material on front and back, plus a loop in back to attach a red blinking light for extra visibility.

I’m still not sure what to do about the feet, as I wear Keen bike sandals and socks.  I do have some shoe covers I can put on if they get cold, but I doubt much is going to keep the rain out.

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