I’ve been collecting parts to do this major overhaul for some time and today, rather than ride in the rain, I decided to do the overhaul on my recumbent that I had been putting off.  The crank set I got on ebay and is a match for the original one on my Burley Canto recumbent.  The chain and cassette I ordered from one of my favorite recumbent shops, Calhoun Cycle.  With the help of several utube videos I figured out how to replace everything and all went well except for the cassette.  Somehow I ordered a 7 gear cassette instead of the 8 I needed and I was missing the 11 tooth gear.  As it turned out, my old 11 tooth gear was in good shape and removable so I added it to the 7 gear cassette and all seems to work fine.

Replacing the chain was quite a challenge.  I was going to use a SRAM super link but found a video that showed how to carefully pull the post out on the chain link, then press it back in so it is all original chain without any link units.  Seems to have worked.  The one piece of advice I give anyone doing this is take some photos before you start.  Otherwise figuring out how it goes through the derailleur is quite a challenge.

My chain had at least 3,000 miles that I put on since buying the bike and I have no idea how much it had from the previous owners.  I figured it was time to change the chain and associated crank set and cassette.  Riding the bike after it was all done, I could really tell the difference.  Examining the old chain against the new chain it was obvious the old one had lots of wear.

The new crank set, bright and shiny

New cassette

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