One of the most exciting and scarey parts of this trip is taking my 40 year old VW camper bus.  It’s not been this far out of Omaha in probably 15 years.  I’ve learned unless you completely replace everything replaceable you have a pretty good chance of something going wrong.  Well, I have a lot more parts to replace so we shall see how it does.    I’m writing this the first afternoon of the first day and happy to say we made it this far.  But…..   I’mleaking a bit more oil than normal which does concern me.  Bought 3 quarts of oil today just in case.

What I had not expected is that I can’t find the grade of gas I need.  This old style engine (carborator, no fuel injection here) needs high octane and no ethanol or it vapor locks.  I filled half the tank today with low octane gas and hope it can make it tomorrow.

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