NUMB is a fundraising event aimed at alleviating hunger all around the world through donations for riders who participate in the event.   Since it started 19 years ago it has distributed over $650,000 for the hungry of the world.  I’ve wanted to do this ride for years but too many obstacles got in my way.  Two years ago I was not ready physically, so supported the ride as a SAG driver.   This year we start in Holdege, spend the first night in Cozad, second night in Broken Bow, third night in Gibbon (wife and I broke down there nearly 30 years ago) and then back to Holdredge.  I love these loop rides as I can drive myself to the starting point and my car is waiting for me when I get back. The NUMB ride is a fundraising event to help with hunger relief.

This will be a challenging trip for me as each and every day is more miles than any one day I have done so far this year or with my trike.  Day one is 60 miles, day two is 67, day three is 73 and day four is 47.  Thankfully they have great SAG support crew with lots of fruit and water at every stop.

Below is a close approximation of our trip route.

NUMB 2014


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