My apologies for not posting the last couple of days.  Power resources were very limited, both my ability to charge my phone and connect to the internet.  My own personal power resources were depleted yesterday with a very long hot ride.

First, I have gone back and updated day two and three if you want to see what I was up to and included pictures as well (worth checking out).  Below is an account of today.

We had quite the eventful night last night with a thunderstorm rolling through, lots of rain and lightening that hit very close to our tents.  I half expected to get up in the morning only to find a neighbor vaporized.  Needless to say, everything was wet, including my bike which I could not cover with the tent rain fly because we were packed in like sardines.

Today we go from Clear Lake to Charles City. After the first painful 30 miles of yesterday I really was worried that I would not be able to ride well today.  Quite the contrary.  It seems it was the position of my seat that was causing most of my problems.  I took off out of Clear Lake doing 20 miles per hour for the first 10 miles.  Must have been a tail wind!  I did well all day and finished the ride in about 6 hours (53 miles).   There was no place to eat this morning as we were camping on the exit part of town.  The first three big food venders had lines with over 100 people in them.  Finally came to a farm house where they were selling delicious breakfast burritos and OJ.  Then in the next two I found a local charity where I two hardboiled eggs for $1, two bananas for $1, bag of cookies for $.50.  One of the next towns I got a grilled chicken sandwich and delicious ear of fresh corn for $6. In St. Charles tonight someone down the street was selling food.  I got two pulled pork sandwiches, chips, sliced tomatoes, watermelon, cookies and a drink all for $7.  That’s a pretty good example of what the food intake is for the day, just different sources.  I try not to eat at the traveling vendors if a local group is selling something as the portions and price are always better and part of the purpose of these trips is to support these little towns.  You can’t imagine what this influx of 10,000+ people can do for each town.  And boy, do they go all out.  People of all ages are out on the streets, on their porches greeting us as we come in, welcoming us to their town.

The weather today was the best ever.  Slightly humid at the start, then  cool and cloudy.  Sun came out but it was in the low 80’s.  Forecast for tomorrow is low of 59, high of 80, dry and they say one of best days of the 2010 ride.  Good thing, it’s over 80 miles.

A great afternoon and evening.  Despite a late start (7:45) from the rain I got in at 2:00.  Put my name in for the solar showers, set up my tent, then did my laundry from the week.  Unlike the other humid days, everything will be dry by the time I go to bed.  I did not have to waste over an hour looking for dinner so now I have the evening to catch up on my blogging before I go to sleep.  I’m sitting in a covered pavilion with a few electrical outlets, a very pleasant breeze and off in the distance is a life band  playing something festive.   Ahhhhh, I could live this day over and over.  Seriously!

The world famous (or at least onRAGBRAI) Pork Cop Man. I hear they are really good, but just sound too heavy to me.

A typical view down the road. Usually it is more crowded than this.

Yes, he really is riding this.

I had to take this one as it really shows the contrast of the past and the future.

Locals love to decorate anything and everything with a bike theme.

Stopping for free water at the Black Barn Farm (okay, I also bought some fantastic homemade cookies)

Ya think it was a tad bit windy?

Yes, that is a bike (recumbent trike). I have no clue if thedriver was bananas or not. 😉

I thought this was smart advertising pushing hydration products at this location. It's just the wrong product!

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