It' always fun to interact with the the locals, but wait a minute, did we make a wrong turn?

Today we traveled 70 miles from Battle Creek to Oakland, Nebraska, population 1300.  Darn, looks like we just missed the Swedish Festival which was held last weekend.

Our journey today was due South for about 11 miles, then the remainder due East.  Straight routes like this can be a bit boring, but I am at least thankful we are one day closer to home.  As much as I love these rides, I do look forward to getting home for warm showers and my own bed.  When you are on a ride like this you are in what they call survival mode.  Up before dawn, packing your tent and gear in the dark, searching for a hot and hardy breakfast, then off on your bike at the crack of dawn.  Food and water are all that matters for the rest of the day until you reach the next town, making sure you stay fueled and hydrated.  Because, quite frankly, if you fall behind on the food or water, especially on a hot and grueling day, you may not make it to your destination.  I know, as I had to give up on the last 25 miles or so of BRAN last year.

What today lacked in curvy roads it made up for in hills.  Geeeze, and that 300 foot climb at the end???  What joker put that there!!!

Another dreary day and misty, but at least it was not hot.

First breakfast here. Potato casarol, sausage, bacon, fruit, coffee and juice.

Second breakfast, a couple miles down the road. Pancakes, sausage, fruit cup and coffee.

70 miles in 6:25 hours, not counting breaks.

End of trip meeting and recognition of accomplishments (not all good, quite a few that werte humerous).

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