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Riding into the sun in the morning.

Today brings a much needed short day, only 49 miles, and nearly all downhill route from Bassett to O’Neill, Nebraska, the “Irish Capitol of Nebraska”, or so they say on their website.  But, hey, I’m feeling a little luck of the Irish today after our short trip and ventured into town to see if I could find my pot of gold (or at least a good Irish meal).

And luck must be with me as my shifter worked about 95% or the time, we had a tail wind for most of the ride and it was not hot.  This is the first time I ever got to the overnight town before noon (but then, most of the people on BRAN got here before noon as well).  Here is a picture of my bike computer showing my totals for the day.

Bike computer showing my distance, time of day and total time riding today

I’d be lost without my Garmin Edge bike computer..

Riding into Atkinson

The picture above is the temperature about 2 1/2 hour in to the ride.  I think it was 52 degrees when we started.

Now don't we look cute in our cool weather gear. Ran into my pharmacist, Sue, and her friend Laura in Atkinson

This is Roger, 87 years young, whom I have written about before. He passes me every day!

Found a perfect spot on this cold afternoon to update my blog. I'm in the school gym, sitting at the radio announcers desk.

  • Nancy Walker:

    Another HUGE accomplishment, Ron, to tuck away in your memory bank. And I’ll bet your body loves you for it! Thanks for being such an inspiration…

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