My recumbent bike was made by Burley and the style is a Canto, which premiered in 2002.  Burley built several styles of recumbent bikes for a few years, but stopped production completely in September of 2006.  I’m not really sure what year mine is, but built sometime between 2002 and 2006 I would guess.

It should be noted that this is known as a convertible recumbent, in that it can be switched from short to long wheelbase.  I prefer the long, which is great for long rides.  The long is a bit wide on the turns and not good for city street traffic.  The shorter version is excellent for the city commuter.

Here are the specs as it came from the factory (with changes I made in parentheses):

Colors: Pearl Silver

Model:  Canto

Weight:  34.5

Year:      2002

Brake Levers:     Shimano BR-420

Brakeset:             Shimano BR-420 brakes, Shimano BR-420 levers

Front Brake:       Shimano BR-420

Front Brake Lever:           Shimano BR-420

Rear Brake:         Shimano BR-420

Rear Brake Lever:            Shimano BR-420

Bottom Bracket:               Shimano BB-UN52

Chain:   SRAM PC-38, 1/2 x 3/32″

Chain Size:          1/2 x 3/32″

Chainrings:          30/42/52

Crankset:             3-piece aluminum, 30/42/52 teeth

Front Derailleur:               Shimano Sora, clamp-on

Front Derailleur Type:    clamp-on

Handlebar:          Hsin Lung aluminum

Handlebar Stem:              aluminum

Headset:              1 1/8″ threadless Cane Creek STS

Headset Diameter:          1 1/8″ threadless

Largest Rear Cog:             32

Number of Rear Cogs:   8-speed

Pedals:                 Fasten NWL-953 (replaced  in April 2010 with Wellgo platform/clipless pedals with shimano SPD cleats)

Rear Cogs:           8-speed, 11 – 32 teeth

Rear Derailleur:                 SRAM ESP 5.0

Rear Shock:        Not applicable

Saddle:                 Corbin custom

Shift Levers:       SRAM ESP 5.0

Smallest Rear Cog:           11

Fork Crown:       unicrown

Fork Material:    chromoly, unicrown crown

Frame Construction:       TIG-welded

Frame Tubing Material:                 chromoly

Wheelbase:        40.5″

Front Hub:          Shimano Deore

Front Rim:           Weinmann Zac 19

Front Tire:           Primo Comet (Replaced  in April 2010 with Primo Comet with Kevlar Belts)

Front Tire Size: 20 x 1.75″

Rear Hub:            Shimano Deore

Rear Rim:             Weinmann Zac 19

Rear Tire:             Primo Racer (Replaced  in April 2010 with Primo Comet with Kevlar Belts)

Rear Tire Size:    26 x 1.50″

Spoke Brand:     DT stainless steel

Spoke Holes:      32-hole

Spoke Material:  stainless steel

  • Rick:

    I’ve enjoyed the little I’ve seen of your website. I have a 2005 Burley Canto that I bought new in Feb 05. Your Canto is probably an 04 or earlier since I think the 05 was their first offering of disk brakes on the Canto (which I waited for). I’ve been away from the online bent community for several years and just found out that Burley stopped bent production in 06. That is sad since I love my 05 and hope that I will be able to find parts in the future. Also mine has very different handlebars which droop much lower allowing my elbows to be nearly 90 degrees while riding. I’ll be back to visit now and again.

  • Recumbent Ron:


    The BicycleMan is a great source for parts

    Another great source is In 2008 they acquired the inventory, tooling and model names from Burley and have been building reproductions of their bikes. I recently bought a seat rail from them. Good people!

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