Day five was a wash.  Literately!!!  It was rainy when we woke up, rainy when we tore down or tents, rainy most of the first half of the ride for those who completed it.  I stoped at mile 7 of the 52 and hitched a ride with the owner of Cycle Works out of Lincoln, our trip bike support crew.  He had a trailer for repairs and equipment, so it was big enough to fit my trike in.  I did kind of feel bad about not riding the entire trip, but I’ve been strugglint with the hills on this trip and today was nothing but hills.  Figure it would have taken me 10 hours to finish, be one of the last ones in and as it was my 35th wedding anniversary, I thought I’d best just head on home and enjoy the rest of my day.

Sorry, no pictures today.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures this weekend, though, as I join others on a 245 mile round trip ride in central Nebraska on the NUMB ride.

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