Last night I decided I wanted to leave today when the sun came up to avoid as the winds that build up in the afternoon, plus it was a very long ride from Thedford to Burwell.  Tried to have all bags packed so I would just need totear down tent and go.  Even skipped my air mattress.  Mistake!!  Tossed and turned for 45 minutes on the hard tent floor and blew up the mattress.

What a site in rural Nebraska, four jets being shipped on a train

Did I mention that nearly every town is on a train route?  Coal cars go by every 20 minutes and blow their horn.  And then there are the coyotes that howl at each other all night.  Thank goodness I remembered ear plugs.  But when it is not raining the sky is just ablaze with stars!  You can see the Milky Way.

Awoke at 4:30 am, tent down, bags packed and loaded on the semi truck by 5:30.  Breakfast of biscuits and gravy, fruit and OJ.  Out of town by 6:15.

Normally my legs start to do what I want without complaining at about 15-20 miles.  Not today, it eas more like 50. Legs hurting today on the hills and there were several today.  At a great meal at a really cool place at 50 miles in called Uncle Bucks.  Guess it is restaurant and inn.  Very nice and big when you consider the population of the town is 29.

Can you guess what it is they serve us at every meal?

After lunch I started to poop out big time.  Either it was the big meal, dehydration, the heat, too much sun or a combination of these.  At the next SAG stop I drank lots of water and took a power nap of about 5 minutes.  Took off riding and perked up a few miles down the road, ending at 89 miles for the day, a personal milestone.  And it only took 12 hours!!!! 😉

Set up the tent and went searching for food, which I found at the catholic church. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and cake.  Visited with a husband and wife I know from the Omaha Ski Club, then when the departed I saw my pharmacist and visited with her and her friends for a while.

Back to the high school for a hot shower (rare on these trips) and now writing this blog post.

Tomorrow is only 64 miles but a few hills, headwind and 50% chance of rain in afternoon.

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  • You GO Ron! You’re doing great!

    So exciting to read your updates every day. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you, while I sit on my duff all day at the computer. 😉

    Ride on brother, ride on!

  • Sue Pope:

    Congratulations on the 89 miles, Ron! That is WONDERFUL! Keep drinking that water, too!

  • Nancy Walker:

    Down to the nitty gritty! you can do it, Ron!

  • Sarah Risuglia:

    Like being able to follow your journey here. Keep it up! You’ll be home before you know it!

  • Andrew:

    I miss being able to see all the stars and the Milky Way. I’m jealous. Great job on the 89 miles in 12 hours. I just worked my first 12-hour shift in a long time at work and was exhausted… can’t imagine doing that biking the whole time. Wow!

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