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RAGBRAI 2014 was a fun experience with my son Aric, who was age 20 at the time of the ride.  Our days were so full I did not have time to post daily reports, so will post just the one here with several pictures from the week long ride.  Suffice it to say we experience all kinds of weather (short of snow), saw some fantastic scenery, ate a lot of wonderful food and managed to ride most of the 400+ miles of the seven day ride.

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RAGBRAI Virgins (first time riders)

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Branding of the RAGBRAI virgins.

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This town when all out and provided comfortable chairs for the riders to rest on.

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Oh, my!

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Can you guess what day of the week this was? Yep, Hump Day!

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This town had a contest for their locals to decorate the porta potties.

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Aric and I will never forget this day. Rainy, windy and cold. Hundreds of us were packed in this school waiting for the rain to end. We finally threw in the towel and called for a ride that day.

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At last, WiFi!!!! Aric and I enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon at the air conditioned library.

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My kind of team (this was on one of the many buses that carry bikers and their gear).