It was the worst day riding ever! EVER!!!

And I did not even finish.  At about mile 75 of 83 I had the SAG vehicle drive me in to Alliance.  We struggled with sustained strong headwinds the entire day.  Made the ride feel more like over 100.  And the sun!  Oh my!

Of course, when I got in and ready to set up my tent it started to rain.  Managed to get it set up and went over to the Baptist church for a nice BBQ dinner.  Went back to the tent, layed out my sleeping bag and fell asleep with my bike clothes on before 7:00PM.

When I said it was the worst day ever, I mean the conditions.  I’m glad I did the ride, despite exhaustion and probably dehydration.

Recumbent Ron

Beautiful Scenery Today!

Sharing the roads with the Big Boys

Passing Through Fort Robinson

Cliffs behind Fort Robinson

Another View of the Cliffs

  • Rick Hopkins:

    Ron, stay strong, hydrated and dont be afraid to draft with people. I’m still jealous and sitting at work in Omaha, remember that!

  • Bob McMaster:

    It was a very tough day, as you describe, but my, the scenery was beautiful!

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