I’m signed up for my second year of BRAN, the Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska, and the start date is only 31 days away with no training done on my part.  This was a grueling ride last year, partly because I was recovering from a sprained ankle with minimal training, but also I had not trained for hills, nor was I prepared for the lack of sleep from all the bad weather that week.  I was exhausted some days before I even started riding.  Told myself I would do better this year, but Mother Nature has been very uncooperative this spring in providing good weather for riding.  Well, Mother Nature or not, it’s time to get serious about my bike training.

Typically I am told you should not increase your mileage, when training, to more than 10% of what it was the week before.  I don’t have that option.  I’ve only been out riding a few days and my longest ride was 23 miles, 59 miles for the year.  I need to be able to do 60 miles easily for a couple days a week and I need to start riding hills.

It all starts today! I went out and rode 23 miles today, half of that into 25 mph winds (felt like going up a very long hill).  I was exhausted but it felt good!

Follow my riding stats here to see if I succeed in getting ready.

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