We are just five weeks shy of the start date for BRAN and I can tell you today, I am NOT ready.  The Nebraska weather this year has been horrible for training.  Too cold, too wet.   I only have about 6o trail miles under me this year and that’s under the daily average ride for BRAN.  However, I’ve been out three of the last four days and steadily improving to the point I think I can be ready if I can get out several times a week.

That said our forecast this week is for rain and even snow showers.  Come On Mother Nature!  It’s the first of May!!!  I’ve got to get into shape.

The other thing that has me optimistic I can do this ride this year is the sheer lack of hills for most of the first few days.  As the ride follows the path of the orignal settlers of this region, it fallows the flat land area, the area where trains have built their tracks as well, along  side of most of the roads we will travel.  I traveled much of this route by car several years ago just for a change of pace from the interstate and although not as majestic as some prior years of BRAN, there is enough visually to make it enjoyable.

For me, though, much of the joy of this event is not in the riding, but in each destination.  The local town folk really love having us in their communities.  It’s not only an economic boost for them, it’s someone new to talk to.    The food is probably every day grub, but if you just finished  a 80 mile ride, it tastes like a gourmet restaurant every single time.

I’ve pretty much determined the trike I am building will not be ready in time.  I don’t want to rush it and I really need to road test it a few hundred miles before I take it out on a trip like this.  But trust me, it will be spectacular.

Here’s the BRAN route this year:

  • Sunday, June 2nd – 64 miles Kimball to Chappell
  • Monday, June 3rd – 57 or 72 miles Chappell to Paxton (shorter route bypasses lake and less hilly)
  • Tuesday, June 4th – 77 miles Paxton to Gothenburg
  • Wednesday, June 5th – 76 miles Gothenburg to Kearney
  • Thursday, June 6th – 72 miles Kearney to Aurora
  • Friday, June 7th – 72 miles Aurora to Brainard
  • Saturday, June 8th – 49 miles Brainard to Strategic Air & Space Museum

Total Miles – 467 miles

Much of the route is along the historic Lincoln Highway, which is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary.  Click here to download a PDF of the BRAN brochure.

The no weld recumbent trike build is coming along great.  Sorry I’ve not posted but the fact of the matter is I have been so busy working on the trike in my spare time I have completely forgotten about my blog.  The best part is, this has to be one of the best hobbies or projects I’ve ever undertaken.  Before I build a certain part I will spend hours and hours examining how it will connect, how it interacts with other parts on the trike, and then research the web for ideas and materials.  I’m actually about 95% done with the frame, just need now to put all the moving parts on the trike.  Here’s a picture from a couple weeks ago with some tires I had on hand (these will not be the actual tires).