I’ve owned a Road ID for a couple of years now, only wearing it when I ride.  I’ve used the sport model (pictured below on left) which is durable and attached with a Velcro strap.  I’d really would like something for everyday use, but this one is a little too sporty for days I’m at work in shirt and tie.  Checking the Road ID site I found they now offer a slim silicone model, so I ordered it.  Picture below shows the difference.

If you are not familiar with the Road ID, it is a great way to list either your name an contact information or, for a yearly fee of under $10.00 you can get the interactive model where health care providers can easily call in or log-in via a website and see all the pertinent information you provide.   For example, I’ve listed all my meds, past surgery, medical history, insurance information, and family members that should be contacted in case I’m injured and not able to provide it myself.  It really provides a lot of peace of mind to me and my family.