Today we rode from Algona to Clear Lake.  Pretty uneventful day as far as the town but it was eventful for me. See pictures atbottom of post.

I hurt, in several places!  My sandals lock into my bike pedals and the outside of my feet was really  aching.  I’d have to clip out and reposition my feet or I would have had to start.  Also, on these long rides it usually takes about 15-17 miles for my thigh muscles to stop fighting me and do what I want them too.  They hurt up until that point, then they either stop of maybe gets used to it.  Not today.  It took 30 of the 59 miles before they gave in.  Now, there is a reason….

Location, Location, Location!!!  My recumbent seat slides on a rail and is held in place by two clamping systems.  I have a mark on the slide where it should be and it had slid back almost an inch.  Moving that seat back up where it belonged made all the difference in the world.  I did the remaining 30 miles with no problems (and 50 miles the next day without problems).

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation… Your biking lesson for the day.  I really think most people don’t know this so now might be a good time to mention it if you are a novice biker.  The key to biking long distances like this without getting sore and worn out (besides a proper bike and proper equipment placement) is your cadence, the number of times you pedal per minute.  Anything below 80 rpm will make your leg muscles sore.  If you have ever struggled to get up a hill pedaling slowly, you know what I mean.  Instead of struggling, crank those gears down to easier and easier gears.  I am often down the very easiest on a 5% grade and can keep my cadence at 80 rpm.

I think this was in the town of Britt, who had a Mayberry theme to their main street. This local lady looked and acted just like Aunt Bee.

More of the Mayberry theme

These two girlriders have a different outfit on each day. Yesterday they were pretty pink butterflies

Vendors leave us giant clues.....

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