Today was a hard ride for me.  Ten hour ride (80 miles), hour wait for a shower, missing two busses downtown for dinner because they were full.  Finally had a delicious and heaping dinner at an oriental place.  When I got to camp at 8:30 I was too tuckered out to post.  Below is information that I was able to post two days later.

First breakfast stop. There are vendorsevery few miles, I look for the shortest line.

A good ride, long ride and a hard ride.  I was not too sore but I did wear out by the end of the 80+ miles.  Our destination today was Agona, Iowa.  My favorite town today was Pocahontas.  One of the most beautiful small towns I have ever, ever seen.  Here are some pictures. 

Pocahontas in Pocahantas. The sunglasses ruined it for me.

Another nice town that day was Whitemore, home of the Grato… to follow.

The Grato

A Mosaic at the Grato


You have to know me to know why I took this picture. (Hint - German engineering)

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