Slept great!  Had my earplugs in and evidently slept through a crying baby and 12:30 fireworks.  My alarm was set for 4:15 and I awoke at 4:05.  Tore down the tent, rode over to Burger King and got some breakfast, then was on the road by 6:15.  A little cool and humid at the start but the day overall was better than any one day on BRAN ride. 

Unlike BRAN where the towns can be 25 to 50 miles apart, there were food stops every 5-10 miles and I stopped at a lot.  First town I  had a breakfast burrito, second town a Gyro, third town a burger and apple.  That kept me until about10 miles out from our destination, where I  saw a sign for pie and ice cream.  Yum, yum. 

Riders for as faras the eye can see

In case you wonder where many go when they have to go!

A huge home made waterslide someone made for the bikers

All was well until the "Bad Boys" came to town

I slowed down those last 10 miles, about 70 total miles for the day.  Arrived in Storm Lake sometime  around 4:00, set up my tent and took my first solar shower.  Actually not bad.  The charter service has three shower tents.  Then I used one of their tubs and washed my bike shorts and socks.  I learned on Bran you wash every chance you get, because if you wait you may have rainy days and nothing will dry .

Lakeside view near our camping spot

I road several blocks to the United Methodist Church and was the last one let in for a pasta dinner.  All out of salad, but they gave me a discount and a heaping plate of pasta.  I think I drank four glasses of iced tea.

Now back at the campground and listening to a free concert, a wonderful female vocalist. 

Free outdoor concert while I did my blogging

Our camping site is right near the lake, which we could see several times as we rode in on our bikes. 

I should be asleep by 9:00 tonight and the same routine for tomorrow, what is forecast to be a repeat of today, except the route is over 80 miles long.  But as long as it is not raining and no headwind, I don’t care how far.  I’ve done about three 80 miles days so I know I can do it.  Oh, I am bound and determined not to walk the bike up any of the hills and today was a struggle, but I did it while many others did not.  We’ll see how my legs feel tomorrow, though. 

A very interesting bike I saw today

  • Sue:

    Sounds like a good start, Ron! And more food too!! *LOL*

    Anxious to keep tabs on you this week. Keep up the good work!

  • Andrew:

    Love the pictures. That bike looks really cool. I love ellipticals and that looks like it would be fun (but maybe hard for long distance).

  • How fun to “feel” like we’re on the trip, but living vicariously through you. Hope each day is more enjoyable, and you relish in the rejuvenation of it along the way!

  • Hugh:

    Is the guy in the cornfield peeing on Shoeless Joe Jackson?

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