Looking forward to biking with Lance Armstrong next week on RAGBRAI.

Okay, okay, I’m the slow recumbent rider at the end of the pack so I probably won’t see Lance, he’ll probably be at the end point well before I hit my first town.  But hey, I can still say I rode with him.  For that matter, so can 10,000 other folks.

I read Lance’s book, It’s Not About The Bike, the year I started riding in 2009 and I so agreed with what he was trying to say, how the bike is just an instrument to a melody of life that you can only find through dedication to a sport, such as biking.  At least that is how I interpreted it.  Regardless of his process for getting where he did, he was still an inspiration for me and I found his book very education and helpful to a newbie rider like myself.  Although I don’t condone what he did, after reading about his earlier years I can understand what brought him to where he is today.  And let’s not forget about all the positive things he accomplished with LiveStrong.

If I have the chance to ride with him next week, I would gladly take it and thank him for his inspiration.  Biking is the only athletic endeavor I enjoy and am dedicated to.

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