Today was my first day of as a SAG (Support and Gear).  I thought this would be easy compared to riding and today I wonder why on earth I thought that!  It was hard, hot work on my feet for hours. It seemed like it was constant people which surprised me given the total is 184 riders.

Right off the bat we ran out of water.  We had about 10 gallons but it went quick.  We panicked as this was unexpected.  Fortunately one of the riders suggested we drive the 5 miles to Humbult for water, which one of us did. Basically we were out in the heat from 9:00-2:00.  And to top it off I got bit by a tic as we were setting up.  Sure hope I don’t get that Key Lime disease.  😉

But there was an unexpected surprise today.  The couple they partnered me with I knew from when my son was in scouts.  Matter of fact, their son is best friends of my nephew.  What a small world.

Tonight we are in Auburn, Nebraska, staying at the city park.  Free use of the pool and their showers.  The showers were ice cold, almost too cold for all of us overheated visitors, but it felt good just the same.

I hear we did have one person who needed emergency care.   She made it to camp, set up her tent, then collapsed.  I believe I heard it was dehydration and really low saline, so they transferred her to the Lincoln hospital right away.

Last night in Beatrice, NE, was nice.  A bit hot but comfortable after I opened all the windows on my VW camper.  Tonight will be a bit warmer with barely any breeze so I’m not sure how that is going to go.

Pulled pork tonight at the United Methodist church.  I’m really interested in something cool and refreshing to go with that.  Iced tea would be wonderful.

Will add pictures soon.  They are on my camera and I need to transfer and probably reduce.  Check back later for pics.


Picture of my decorated VW at Day 1 of SAG support


Side view of SAG Day 1

  • Sue:

    Hey friend! Keep hydrated yourself. Dr. H says when you get back – you need to come in immediately to be evaluated for “Key Lime Disease.” 🙂

    Take care and TRY to stay cool!

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