Life’s activities and a drawn out failed root canal and ultimate tooth extraction (the week of BRAN) really got in the way of training this year.  It was with great sadness that I had to cancel my first NUMB ride, which starts June 24.  But as luck would have it, a few days after cancelling I received an email asking for SAG (support and gear) drivers and I quickly jumped at the chance.

I’ve never done SAG support before but know just how appreciated they are from my many rides, so I’m excited to be a part of this ride somehow.  So instead of the two wheels of my bike, I’m taking six wheels.  But not just any support vehicle, I’m taking my 40 year old VW camper and my 39 year old pop up camping trailer to haul all the gear.  What you say, I must be nuts?  Okay, that’s questionable, but I do have a crusty old VW that is mechanically sound and (new engine, tires, brakes and lots of other costly repairs).

In the instructions I received it says “Make your SAG unique!  Come up with a theme for your little oasis.”  Well, I jumped at the challenge and think you will find I have some things to entertain the weary riders.  So please check daily, starting tomorrow, for my daily updates to my blog.  Yes, it’s been sadly neglected without any rides this year, but this should be a fun adventure and I’m really looking forward to it.


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