Rain during the night and rain as I tore down the tent. Up at 4:30 again with the sound of tent zippers and people loading their bags in the semi. Nine hours of sleep did wonders.

Was on the road by 6:00 AM and stopped at Taco Johns for something to eat that would shock my cardiologist.  But hey, I’m burning off 5,000-6,000 calories a day.

Ride started with a mist and cold wind, temperature about 54 degrees, 40 with windchill and even colder when y3 lane bowling alley where we had lunch. I got the last sloppy  joe!ou consider riding creates its own windchill.  More hills today.  Had lunch at a town that was like something out of the 1940’s, very small town (like 10 buildings).  Lunch served at the 3 lane bowling alley.

Found out I was one of the last 15 out of over 600 riders.  But did the 58 miles and rolled into the full campground only to see people tearing down their tents.  Seems we have the potential 60 mph winds tonight as two storm cells collide. Might be sleeping in the high school tonight.  Oh joy, more rain.

The good news is I feel good and no aches or pains. Looking forward to my first shower and shave of the trip.

Day 2 update: We survived the storm with hundreds of us sleeping in the high school.  I was in the gym with a wonderful chorus of snoring all night.   Lights on at 4:00 am and breakfast ready.

  • Ron – it’s so fun to follow your trip here on the site. Sounds like the 1st day will be remembered for a long time. I’m glad the 2nd day was different. Sounds like the weather was frightful; I hope it gets better!

  • Andrew:

    Hurray! You’ve made it through multiple days in a row. That’s a feat unto itself. You can do it!

  • Claire:

    Good Job! The weather seems to be a big issue and I hope that the rest of the ride gets better. We are really proud of you!

  • We’re behind you, Ron! Ok, admittedly really really FAR behind you but when you’re struggling with exhaustion, wind chill, and torrential downpours, remember we are sitting comfortably at home with a beer cheering you on. 🙂

  • mmanners:

    Ron–Wow! That you even finished day 2 after day 1 is an accomplishment! And to say you feel good is surely an understatement! Any way I can be burning all those calories–by vicariously riding along, while sitting in an air conditioned office? Keep on pedaling, Ron!

  • Sandy Nord:

    Too bad the weather isn’t being more cooperative! 🙁 But know that we’re cheering you on — Go Ron Go!!! You are doing GREAT!! Love reading your blog!

  • Bob McMaster:

    Thanks for doing your blog. My wife kept up on things through your the blog, in addition to my phone calls home (if it had service).

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