It’s only a few more days until RAGBRAI, The Register’s Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, where I and 15,000 people will ride across the state.   I am looking forward to this trip but with some trepidation.  My biggest concern is just the mass of humanity and my safety.  Recumbent bikes are long, low to the ground but the worst part is you can’t take off fast and getting into the flow of bike traffic will be a challenge, I’m sure.  And unlike BRAN last month, where nearly everyone was a seasoned rider, many of the people on this ride, just by the sheer numbers, will be newbies.  They won’t know about not taking sudden turns, pointing out road obstacles,  signaling a turn or slowing down, announcing their approach, etc.  Also, this is well known as a party trip with lots of drinking.

I’m pretty much packed but feel I’m forgetting several things.  I took way too much on my BRAN trip and have tried to reduce as much as possible.

Getting back in the saddle after BRAN was really difficult as that ride wore me out.  But I knew I needed to build up my muscles and stamina for this trip so I have been out several days a week pushing myself.  I did over 100 miles this last weekend.  On Saturday I went to my favorite training area, Wehrspann Lake, arriving at 6:00 in the fog.  First run around the 5.5 mile trail around the lake and I was sucking air.  The air was so full of moisture it was hard to get the oxygen I needed (lesson learned, slow down when really humid).  In addition, my prescription bike glasses were fogged up on front and back of lens and useless.  I just slid them down on my nose and rode a blurry ride.  But it was a beautiful morning (see pictures below).

I’ve not been on the bike since Sunday and I worry I’m going to regret it come Sunday.  Just too much going on this week.  Tuesday night I met friends for an outdoor music concert at Lauritzen Gardens and tonight I’m meeting friends and family at Jazz on the Green.  Both great music and social events in town and I highly recommend them.

Rainbow at Jazz on the Green in Omaha after a brief sprinkle

This will probably be my last post before RAGBRAI.  I will try to update daily on that trip, but my connections to the internet may be spotty with that many people trying to communicate on their phones and netbooks all at once.  It will all depend on me finding a signal somewhere.  But do check in because there will be lots to report about and many colorful people to photograph.

Here are my pictures from my most recent bike outings:

View of the lake as the fog was lifting

Rest stop at Walnut Creek recreation area

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