Today is the last day, the last 47 miles of a 442 mile bike trip.  This is a sad day as I had been looking forward to this trip for one year, have been learning about bikes and training hard every chance I could get.  As much as I wanted to enjoy the day, I was up against a deadline.  Our bus was leaving Dubuque at 3:00 and as this was a very hilly route I would have to work the pedals hard to get there on time.  Unfortanely, my leg muscles were shot and the hills were next to impossible.  One hill was so steep that I saw 6 people fall off their bikes.  90% of the riders were walking the bikes up this mile long steep hill.  It was so bad many of could not even walk up the hill without taking a couple of breaks.

There were more down hills than up, so I made it into Dubuque by 1:30.  Had to walk a couple of blocks to some pay showers.  Got some dinner and was ready for the bus in just enough time.  I’m writing this on the bus one the way back to Omaha, which should arrive about 11:OO tonight.

The following are some pictures from today.  I appologize sor the quality, somehow my camera got set to some strange mode today, some artistic mode.

View coming into the first city

Just another rest stop. Had fun watching this little guy on his toy tractor. He was having fun and oblivious of all the people.

Yes, he road this unicycle all 442 miles.

Second beautiful church of the day,

lf way up Potters Hill. I walked.

All our gear at the endof the bike ride.