Woke up at 4:00 am to pouring rain.  Also woke up to rain water in my tent and a wet sleeping bag to boot.  Had pancakes, sausage and juice, managed to get on the road at 7:00 am.

For as long of a day and ride that it was, I really don’t recall much except for the very quaint town of Taylor.  Very small town but had a town square.  They were serving home made smoothies in the community center.  Someone had created these life size drawings of people in 1800 attire and they were all over town.  They had one parking meter which I think was really a joke.  Anyway, I noticed it.

Old Hotel in Taylor

Another view off the town square in Taylor

Total of 75 long miles today.  Managed to finally keep myself well hydrated but fear I may have gotten a little overheated the last few miles.  When I finally completed the 75 miles, in 10 hours, I grabbed a bottle of cold water and downed them in the shade, chatting with a minister I met a week before BRAN. Oh, they had slices of cold watermelon at the welcome tent when you came in town.  Really, really refreshing!   An hour later I was showered and a new man.  I walked the seven blocks downtown to the senior center for the great potato bar I heard about and what a beautiful town David City is.  Saw something I had never seen before, all the city sidewalks are not near the street but up by the houses.  I can only guess this is because the sidewalks were designed for visiting your neighbors.  Good planning by the city fathers.

Ride went well and although I did encounter some headwind, it was not much. Hard day peddling, but I made it!

Just one more day to go!  I’m happy and sad.  This week has just sped by but I have so enjoyed the changing scenery every day, meeting new friends and old, no TV, no news, great food, great people everywhere.  My only regret was that my slowness, either because I was not in the shape I needed to be or my recumbent is just not the right bike (very heavy and hard to manage on hills and headwinds).

  • Bob McMaster:

    Ron, It was in Taylor that they had the smoothies, and I’m quite sure the hotel picture is of the one in Taylor. They also have a town square. (My mom grew up there, and I lived there until 2nd grade 🙂

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