A Top Ten Day!!! Self portrait while riding, son Aric behind me.(OMG, is my helmet really on crooked? Oh, heck, I'll just blame it on a strong side wind!)

Who would have thought March 14 would be a top 10 day for riding?  It was, a wonderful 74 degrees with a 5 mph wind.  Went out with my son Aric (also a recumbent rider) and did 27 miles down the Big Papio trail here in Omaha.   Two days in a row of 27 miles each, I could feel it today.  Icing up the knee as I write this.  But all in all it was a great ride and fun with my son.  Rode 27 miles yesterday with my other son Alex.  These two, age 17 and 20, are going to get me into shape quicker than if I did it on my own.

Taking a break tomorrow.  Weather will be perfect, but it’s my birthday and getting together with my mom, my wife and all four kids.  Those opportunities will become rare soon enough, so enjoying them while I can.  Gotta give that knee a rest anyway, right?

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