Took the trike out for it’s first real ride since building it and after 24 miles over 2 1/2 hours I can say I’m pretty pleased.  Although it still needs some tweaking, it performed without any adjustments or breakdowns.  Below is a picture at one of my stops, Seymour Smith park near 68th and Harrison.  They’ve installed a really cool free water park and it was a nice break watching the kids (and parents) play in the water.  Unlike my recumbent bike where you have to just about lift yourself out of the seat to put your foot down at stops, with the trike I simply set the parking brake I installed, sit back and enjoy the few.

IMG_20130811_142807 sm


Below’s a map of my route today, around the Omaha trail system.  The orange dot on the trail is where the above picture was taken.